Business Mediation

Mediation is a method of conciliatory conflict resolution, by which the conflict parties strive to come to an agreement with the support of a neutral person - the mediator.

As a trained mediator I act as a facilitator in your conflicts until a solution is reached.

Thereby I undertake to abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators. This ensures that you receive a professional standard and professional execution of the advice given.


Business mediation is used everywhere where a conflict cannot be solved by the parties alone. This is the case for in-house conflicts, e. g. between

  • Employees and management,
  • Employees among themselves,
  • Employer and work council,
  • or high-level personnel


as well as for conflicts between companies and third-parties, e. g.

  • Clients, suppliers,
  • Banks and insurers,
  • Business partners,
  • Dealing with lawyers and authorities,
  • Interested groups by organisation and structural changes such as reorganisation and fusions


or intercultural conflicts, e. g.

  • Within an international enterprise between parent and subsidiary company or in intercultural project teams.

Through mediation sensitive and lasting solutions can be found for such conflicts.


  • Mediation of the conflict resolution process
  • Support with the definition of the interests of the conflict parties
  • Joint development of mutual conflict resolutions


  • Under the moderation of a trained mediator, conflict resolution is worked out and mutually agreed by the parties themselves. Thus it has a lasting effect. No conflict party has an advantage over the other.
  • Absolute discretion! Company secrets remain protected, the solution is arrived at discretely, and confidential information is not made public. There is no danger of loss of face.
  • Lengthy legal proceedings, whose results are not calculable and which are expensive in time, money and nerves, can usually be avoided.


  • After conflict resolution through mediation, the fronts are not hardened but clarified. Mediation improves the social relations between the parties, increases the trust and raises the levels of satisfaction and conflict skills and thus the success of your company.

Specific questions can best be clarified in a personal discussion. I will gladly find time for you. Please call me or send an e-mail.